What are the dimensions of your planners/notebooks?

Both our planners and notebooks are 7.25 x 9.75.

What type of paper do you use?

We use 80# Mohawk paper for our planners and notebooks, which happens to be some of the best paper on the market when it comes to planners! The paper has a nice toothing that helps ink hold well to the page.

What comes with my planner or notebook when I order?

Each order comes wrapped in a beautiful matte keepsake box, perfectly sized to hold your planner or notebook as well as some of the keepsake items you collect throughout the year (ticket stubs, fortunes...etc).

When does my planner ship?

Domestic Orders:

Each of our domestic orders is shipped via UPS Ground shipping. As each order is custom, it is printed on demand and will be processed, printed, and shipped within 5-6 business days from the date the order was placed (excluding weekends and holidays). Shipping within the U.S. will take between 2-5 days. We recommend scheduling the start date of your planner to be approximately two weeks from the order date.

International Orders:

If you are outside the US, your order will be shipped via UPS Worldwide Express. You may expect your order to be processed, printed, and shipped between 5-6 business days from the date the order was placed (excluding weekends and holidays). UPS Worldwide Express shipping takes between 3-5 days; however, this does not take customs processing into account. We recommend scheduling the start date of your planner to be at least two to three weeks from the order date.

Delays on orders can occur if the printing facility runs low on items such as covers or binding coils. We will keep you updated if any delay occurs via email. 

Will there be new covers?

Yes! We will be adding new covers, layouts, and features to our planners and notebooks periodically. 

I'm trying to create planner but my page count is over the limit. Help!

Typically there are two reasons that a planner would be over its page count. 1) The duration of the planner is too long, and 2) There are too many extra pages that have been added. To see where all your pages are located, click on the button that shows your current page count. This will tell you if your high page count is due to your layout or your extra pages. From there you can decide to decrease the duration of you planner or to edit your extra pages. 

If your page count is high due to extra pages, consider revising their frequency in your planner. For example, you can choose to add your extra page monthly instead of weekly, or to put it at the start or end of you planner. 

Can I create a year long daily planner?

Because of the high quality of our paper we can only facilitate a daily planner that is 6 months in length, as a longer duration would exceed our page count of 242 pages. If you would like to have a year long planner, we suggest planning weekly and then adding extra pages that have the features that you love about daily planning pages such as meal plans, fitness trackers, reflections...etc. 

Can I reorder the extra pages in my planner or notebook? 

The current version of our website has a standardized order that add pages are inserted within a planner or notebook. Though you may customize where the pages are inserted, we are currently unable to re-order these pages within their respective locations (start of book, end of book, monthly, or weekly). 

Can I add my extra pages in multiple locations (ie. start and end of planner)?

Currently we can insert extra pages at the start or end of planner or notebook, or between weeks or months. We are working hard to be able to add the same page in multiple locations, but have yet to launch this feature on our website at this point. 

All my uploaded events are being entered at the wrong time. How can I fix this?

This issue is typically an issue with timezones- a calendar was created in a different timezone than you are currently in. To fix this, we suggest creating your calendar with your events entered as 'Floating Events'. What this means is that the event is no longer tied to a specific time zone. So, let's say you want to schedule lunch at 12pm every day no matter where in the world you are, you set the time zone to floating, and that way your event will upload at 12pm regardless of which timezone you are currently in. 

Can I manually enter contacts and events? 

Contacts may be manually entered into your planner through our software; however, events must be added by creating a calendar in Apple Calendar or Google Calendar, exporting the file, and uploading it to your planner through our software. 

Can I order a planner or notebook with a custom cover? 

Currently, we are unable to facilitate orders with custom covers for orders with less than 250 units. If you are interested in placing a bulk order, please email us at contact@goldencoil.com

Can I remove the branding, ‘Golden Coil’, from the front of my planner or notebook? 

Each of our covers is pre-produced in order to facilitate our short production time. As such, we are unable to fulfill orders without our company name on the front cover or logo on the back cover. 

When I trace my tracking number the system says it is an invalid number. Help!

Our tracking emails are sent immediately after our printer scans your package into the UPS system. UPS does not begin tracking the package until it has been picked up from our print facility. If your tracking number is reading as invalid, check back after 24 hours and you should be able to see more details!

Can I make a change to or cancel my order after my order has been placed?

Each of our orders is sent to print immediately after purchase. Because of this, we are unable to make any changes to or cancel orders. 

Can I create a planner that has no weekly or daily planning pages, only monthly planning?

Currently, each planner order must include a weekly or daily planning page. However, if you would like to omit them, you may create a notebook! Simply add our undated monthly calendar page into your notebook to use for planning purposes.

How do I upload my calendar? 

To upload a calendar, you'll need to create your events in an Apple Calendar or Google Calendar first. Once you have finished creating your calendar, export the file to an .ICS file and drag and drop it into our website on the Upload Events page. Please see the Video Tutorials section below for a walkthrough on how to do this!

How do I upload my contacts? 

To upload your contacts, you will first need to create a .CSV file for your contacts. We suggest downloading the .CSV template from our Upload Contacts page during the customization process. Within this template you can fill in the information for each of your contacts. When you have finished adding your contacts to this document, simply save the file then drag and drop the file into the Upload Contacts section on our website. Please see the Video Tutorials section below for a walkthrough on how to do this!

Video Tutorials

How to Upload Events from Google Calendar

How to Upload Events from APPLE Calendar