Summer Bucket List


We’re aren’t ready, but summer is quickly coming to a close...Don’t get too busy that you forget to finish your summer bucket list! Here’s a couple ideas for how to end your summer with a BANG!

Host a backyard BBQ! - Invite your closest friends and family over for a backyard BBQ! Have everyone bring a side dish and a game!

Rent paddle boards or kayaks! - Gather the family, rent some paddle boards or kayaks, and head to your favorite swimming hole! Bring a picnic lunch and some snacks to enjoy on the water!

Have a picnic! - Pack a picnic lunch and head to the park! Bring games, puzzles, and books to read. It wouldn’t hurt to take a nap in the shade!

Volunteer at your local animal shelter! - This one’s for you animal lovers! Spend an afternoon giving back to your community by sending some time with a bunch of furry friends!

Tube down a river! - If you live near a tube-able river, tube it! Bring snacks and plenty of sun screen and enjoy a nice leisurely float.

Side-walk chalk drawing contest! - Gather the kids (and adults) and have a side walk chalk art festival on your own driveway! Designate judges and give prizes like “Most Creative” and “Most Colorful” to everyone that participates!

Family Bike Ride! - Put on your helmets and pump up your tires! There’s nothing better than a family bike ride around the neighborhood! It’s always fun to play a game of I Spy as you cruise!

Play in the rain! - If there’s a warm rainy day, don’t stay inside!

Outdoor movie night! - Set up a projector and white sheet, lay some blankets out on the lawn and watch your favorite movie! Don’t forget the popcorn!

Be a tourist in your own city! - Spend a weekend exploring all the fun things in your neck of the woods!

Farmers Market Trip! - Head to the farmers market and stock up on fresh locally grown fruits and veggies or gather ingredients for dinner!

Camp in the backyard! - If can’t find the time to go on a real camping trip, set up a tent, build a fire and roast some marshmallows in your own backyard! It’s a lot less effort, but can be just as fun!

Stargaze! - Head away from the city lights and spend a few hours stargazing! You can also check online to see if there are any meteor showers in your area!

xo - Trisha & MIchelle