How To Use - Home Care & Reading List!

image by: @carlanatalia__

image by: @carlanatalia__

With our big launch on Aug. 1, we released a bunch of new +pages! We've already shown you how to use our Event Planner, Grocery & Meal, Mood Tracker, Travel, & Wellness pages (check those out HERE!), but here’s a how to on our Home Care & Reading List pages!

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How To Use - 5 of Our Newest Pages!


With our new covers, layouts, and features, we are launching nine new +pages! Here’s how we’d use five of them!

Blog Event Planner.png
Blog Grocery & Meal.png
Blog Mood Tracker.png
Blog Travel.png
Blog Wellness.png

Which pages are you most excited about? Leave a comment below!

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1 Layout 2 Ways - Horizontal Half 4


Meet our newest layout Horizontal Half 4 (launching Aug. 1st, 2019)! This might just be our favorite layout yet! We are both counting down the days until our planner is out and we can re-order new ones with this incredible layout. We’ve been so excited about this layout, we thought we’d share two amazing ways to use each section!

Blog Layout.png
Blog Sticky Note.png


Use this space for either a sticky note with your shopping/grocery list OR as a mini journal for that week!

Blog ToDo List.png


You can either have one long to do list, OR split them up between personal and work!


Use this space for either this week’s priorities OR long-term goals & priorities!

Blog Gratitude.png


Use this space to write down what you’re grateful for OR ways you can show gratitude to others!


Use this spot to meal plan for the week OR as a next week preview!


Use this space to track your habits OR as a simple chore chart for your family!

Comment below with how you’d use this layout!

xo - Trisha & Michelle