5 Tips for Staying Inspired


  1. GO OUTSIDE - talk a walk, sit in your back yard, have a picnic at the park, go on a bike ride, etc. - just get outside and bask in the sun!

  2. UNPLUG - put your phone, tablet, and laptop away! Use this time to think originally instead of bouncing off the thoughts and ideas you see online!

  3. BRAIN DUMP - write down all those thoughts & ideas floating around in your head! Once you’ve finished, read back through and highlight all the ideas you love! P.S our brain dump pages are perfect for this!!!

  4. STEP AWAY - when you are feeling uninspired by a project, give yourself some time away. Read a book, watch a movie, take your dog on a walk, or call your mom. By the time you are ready to come back to your project, you will have a new outlook and energy!

  5. IMPRESS YOURSELF - do something you thought you couldn’t do - but this doesn’t mean you have to do it perfectly! Try a new hobby (painting, rock climbing, or piano) and celebrate your ability whether or not you are amazing at it.

xo - The Golden Coil Team