9 Irresistible Pens for Planning!

Photo: @carlifries84

Photo: @carlifries84

A few weeks ago, we asked what pens are your favorite to use when writing in your Golden Coil planner, and
YOU. GUYS. DELIVERED! Here’s a list of 9 irresistible pens for planning (in no particular order)!

  1. G-2 Ultra Fine Pen (0.38mm)

  2. Papermate Ink Joy Pen

  3. Muji Pens (0.38mm)

  4. Tombow Calligraphy Pen

  5. Le Pen

  6. Energel (0.7mm)

  7. Uni-Ball Signo Ballpoint Pen (0.38mm)

  8. Sharpie Fine Point Pen

  9. Stabilo Fine Liner Pens

Don’t see your favorite pen on the list? Comment below!

xo- the Golden Coil team