6 Helpful Spring Cleaning Tips

Photo: @honeywild_

Photo: @honeywild_

With only a few weeks left of spring, you want to get that pesky spring cleaning done before all your summer activities start! Here’s a few helpful tips for giving your home that deep clean it desperately needs!

  1. Scope out your home: Identify the areas that need the most work. Whether it’s the base boards, hallway closet, or under the bed, make sure you write down a list of neglected areas you want to tackle!

  2. Make a list: Make a list of each room in your home and write down all the areas you’d like to clean in each of those rooms. Check them off as you go to keep you motivated!

  3. Work from the top down: Start by getting rid of the dust and cobwebs on your ceiling fans and lights and work your way down to the floor. This will save you time and energy as you won’t need to re-clean your space!

  4. Declutter: A cluttered home adds unnecessary stress into your life. Take some time to declutter your closets, office space and even that junk drawer you pretend doesn’t exist.

  5. Don’t forget the windows and walls: If you’re anything like me, you hardly ever clean the walls and windows. Take some time to wipe down your baseboards, vacuum out the window tracks, and give your windows a much needed clean. *kids can be great window washers!

  6. Don’t overwhelm yourself: Don’t feel like you have to tackle your whole house in one day! Break it up into manageable chunks and ask your family for help!

Good luck!

xo - the Golden Coil team