5 Ways to Color Code Your Planner

1. Activity

Color coding by activity is one of the simplest ways to color code, as it takes little thought to categorize your life into separate areas such as home, school, church, friends, work ... etc. However, it is one of our favorite ways to organize our planners because it makes finding a certain task so easy! You're trying to remember when your dentist appointment is? Easy! You'll only have to look at one color to find it. 

colorcode-activity 2.jpg

2. Importance

Color coding by importance takes more effort than other color coding techniques because you have to decide what in your schedule matters most, what is just for fun, and what has little importance. This technique is very helpful because you may choose to tackle your schedule or to-do list beginning with what matters most. This will ensure that, no matter how much time you have, you will accomplish the tasks that are your highest priority. We suggest coloring the most important tasks in red as it evokes a sense of urgency in us. 

3. Family Member

We recommend color coding by family member if you and your family (no matter the family size) have busy schedules. With this tactic, you can see where each family member is and what they should be doing at a quick glance. Although your schedule may be busy, this technique may help you be less confused when putting it all on paper!

colorcode-familymember 2.jpg

4. Difficulty

If you are selective about the way you like to tackle your to-do list, color coding by difficulty might be for you. This way, you may choose what you accomplish according to the way you're feeling. If you're having a hard day, focus on the easy stuff! Or, if you're feeling like you can take on the world, go head to head with the big to do item that has been looming over you. It's all up to you! 

colorcode-difficulty 2.jpg

5. For Fun

Of course, the prettiest way to color code your planner is for fun! We've come up with a list of some fun ways to add color to your planner each week. 

- Rainbow: Monday, red; Tuesday, orange; Wednesday, yellow; Thursday, green; Friday, blue; Saturday, indigo; Sunday, violet

- Monochrome: Choose your favorite color and use different shades of that color throughout the week

- Complimentary: Alternate days of the week using complimentary colors

colorcode-fun 2.jpg