We are suckers for a good holiday gift guide. Here is our 2017 gift guide for the foodie. 

1. Heirloom Popcorn Gift Set: Because who doesn't love an evening in with a delicious snack? 

2. Perasima Tableware: This dish set has us wanting to throw all the parties we can think of, just so we can have an excuse to use it! 

3. Golden Coil Planner or Notebook: One of our favorite parts of our planners and notebooks is being able to add meal plans weekly, monthly, or at the start or end of the planner. You can also add Kitchen Conversions and Recipes! Everyone who likes to plan meals would love it. 

4. Just Add Water Tumbler: A pretty way to get 8 glasses a day.

5. Gathre x Studio McGee Tablecloths: Not only are these tablecloths so beautiful but also they wipe clean! 

6. Lena Dish Towel: We love the pop of color that this towel brings to the kitchen. Also, the tassels!