Fitnessguruvertical 2.jpg

1. The Towel: This lightweight microfiber towel complements any workout from spinning to yoga to running to, well, anything! 

2. Leather Carrier: Although this leather carrier is meant for carrying Gathre's bonded leather mats, we totally use it for carrying our yoga mats as well. 

3. Bag: This roomy, zip-up bag folds flat and is lightweight- AKA it is perfect for carting around gym supplies. 

4. Hydroflask: To help you stay hydrated during your workout. 

5. Golden Coil Fitness/Meal Plans: These planning pages can be added to planners or notebooks, and are the best way to help you stay on track to achieve your goals. 

6. Headband/Ear Warmer: Because it's winter time, this ear warmer/headband is sure to come in handy!