We've pulled together some of our favorite gifts for the new moms/moms to be in our lives! 

1. Promptly Journals: These are seriously amazing journals that help you document your baby, from pregnancy (or adoption) through their 18th birthday. Each section of the journal has different prompts to answer so you don't get blank page fright! 

2. Nose Frida: Ever have a hard time getting those stubborn boogies out of your baby's nose? Look no further- the Nose Frida is a quick and easy solution to eliminate them in no time!

3. Mama Bird T-Shirt: We love this Mama Bird t-shirt from The Bee and the Fox. They have a great selection of momma-worthy t-shirts to make you feel like the bomb for being a mom! 

4. Golden Coil Planner/Notebook: Gift a Golden Coil planner or notebook so your new mom friend can fill its pages with baby charts to track their baby's diapers, feedings, and naps! 

5. Solly Baby Wrap: The Solly Baby is a family favorite around here when it comes to babywearing. We love being able to wrap our babies close to us - for productivity and for snuggles! 

6. Made By Mary Necklace: We love the sentimental nature of these necklaces. They are a beautiful, simple, and subtle way to keep memories close to our hearts.