Productivity Podcasts to Get You Through the Week!

Photo: @karlibobarley

Photo: @karlibobarley

Monday’s can be hard, and staying productive can be even harder! That’s why we asked you what podcasts help you get through those productivity slumps. Here are 5 productivity podcasts recommended by all of you!

The Productive Woman - For those struggling to balance home and work life, this podcast aims at facilitating and encouraging women to succeed in life.

How I Built This - Perfect for the entrepreneur or future entrepreneur! Founders, of some of the best-known companies in the world, tell their story about the movements they’ve built.

Getting Things Done - Sharing personal and professional stories, as well as practical tips on helping you get things done!

The 5am Miracle - A podcast dedicated to dominating your day before breakfast.

Productivityist - Tips and tricks to boost your productivity and take your time-management to the next level.

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9 Irresistible Pens for Planning!

Photo: @carlifries84

Photo: @carlifries84

A few weeks ago, we asked what pens are your favorite to use when writing in your Golden Coil planner, and
YOU. GUYS. DELIVERED! Here’s a list of 9 irresistible pens for planning (in no particular order)!

  1. G-2 Ultra Fine Pen (0.38mm)

  2. Papermate Ink Joy Pen

  3. Muji Pens (0.38mm)

  4. Tombow Calligraphy Pen

  5. Le Pen

  6. Energel (0.7mm)

  7. Uni-Ball Signo Ballpoint Pen (0.38mm)

  8. Sharpie Fine Point Pen

  9. Stabilo Fine Liner Pens

Don’t see your favorite pen on the list? Comment below!

xo- the Golden Coil team

6 Helpful Spring Cleaning Tips

Photo: @honeywild_

Photo: @honeywild_

With only a few weeks left of spring, you want to get that pesky spring cleaning done before all your summer activities start! Here’s a few helpful tips for giving your home that deep clean it desperately needs!

  1. Scope out your home: Identify the areas that need the most work. Whether it’s the base boards, hallway closet, or under the bed, make sure you write down a list of neglected areas you want to tackle!

  2. Make a list: Make a list of each room in your home and write down all the areas you’d like to clean in each of those rooms. Check them off as you go to keep you motivated!

  3. Work from the top down: Start by getting rid of the dust and cobwebs on your ceiling fans and lights and work your way down to the floor. This will save you time and energy as you won’t need to re-clean your space!

  4. Declutter: A cluttered home adds unnecessary stress into your life. Take some time to declutter your closets, office space and even that junk drawer you pretend doesn’t exist.

  5. Don’t forget the windows and walls: If you’re anything like me, you hardly ever clean the walls and windows. Take some time to wipe down your baseboards, vacuum out the window tracks, and give your windows a much needed clean. *kids can be great window washers!

  6. Don’t overwhelm yourself: Don’t feel like you have to tackle your whole house in one day! Break it up into manageable chunks and ask your family for help!

Good luck!

xo - the Golden Coil team

Design Contest 2018

We are so excited to be holding another design contest! We are looking for an awesome design and we want YOU to be the one who designs it!

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What's For Dinner - Zemp Family Favorites

Join us this week as we cook some of our family favorites! If you like food that is delicious, comforting, and filling, these meals are for you! Each recipe has family sized portions - a result of having a 9 person family - but, feel free to make an adjustments or additions for your own family! We'd love to see your dinners if you choose to cook with us this week - tag us by using the hashtag #GCxWHATSFORDINNER. 

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5 Ways to Color Code Your Planner

Color coding by activity is one of the simplest ways to color code, as it takes little thought to categorize your life into separate areas such as home, school, church, friends, work ... etc. However, it is one of our favorite ways to organize our planners because it makes finding a certain task so easy!

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New Years Printable

Happy almost New Years! To get a jump start on your New Years planning we have provided some printables below! We hope you enjoy getting ready for 2018! 

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Christmas Gift Printable

Did you order a customizable planner or notebook as a gift this Christmas? To hold the recipient over until it arrives, here's a printable put under the tree (or in a stocking)! 

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How to Prepare for Launch Day


1. Start your planner beginning January 2018

Due to our high volume of orders our first batch of planners/notebooks will take some extra time to be printed and shipped to you. Typically for orders within the USA, the time it takes from when an order placed to when the shipment received is 8-10 days.

2. Know that you can customize your planner/notebook up to 242 pages

We are so excited to have increased our page count from 172 pages to 242 pages for our planners and notebooks! We wanted to be able to offer you more pages to a) create longer planners, and/or b) include lots of extra pages. Please note: If you are a DAILY planner, our page count can facilitate up to a 10-month, daily planner. Unfortunately, we cannot create a full year daily planner. In order to keep our paper at the highest quality, this was an impossibility. If you love to plan in a daily layout, we suggest creating a 6-month planner and including lots of extra pages! 

3. Be sure to preview your planner/notebook

Before adding your customized planner or notebook to your cart you will have an opportunity to see a preview of what you planner will look like when it is printed. Please review this carefully! Your planner will print as it is shown in the preview. Any orders that claim to be inaccurate will be compared to this preview before a return will be accepted. 


- Double check the frequency and location of your extra pages: There is a drop down menu next to the add button on each template where you can choose if you want your extra pages to be weekly, monthly, start of planner, or end of planner. Changing this frequency will help you free up some pages if you need to. 

- Evaluate the length of your planner: If you find that you want to include a bunch of extra pages but you don't have enough space in your planner, you may want to consider shortening the length of your planner. Instead of having planning pages for a full year, consider shortening it to a 6-month or 9-month planner (or however long you want).






Weekly Template Free Download

Hey there! We are getting so close to being ready for you to customize your very own planner or notebook! We wanted to share with you one of our weekly templates that can used in your planner. This template was created for you to have plenty of white space in your planning. Don't worry though! If white space isn't your thing, we have plenty of options for you to keep track of all the things!

Here is a free digital download for you to use! This one is intentionally left blank for you to fill in the months and the days! Our planners are a smaller size. These downloads have been formatted for letter size paper. Fill out the form below, and you will be directed to your download!

Name *